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Artist Statement

Agnese Gutovska is a visual artist working predominantly with photography, video art and installation. The work is often poetic, provocative and visually seductive, exploring the ambiguous spaces between oppositional binary poles: reality and artifice, conscious and subconscious, connection and disconnection, object and identity. The constructed imagery relies heavily on the use of colour and aesthetics to seduce the eye, before inviting the viewer to question what is placed in front of them. Staged scenarios offer clues for open ended narratives: one too many hands, pierced bananas, pastel pink lotion dripping down a bun, artificial plants with black bulging veins. It’s the work of a dream and of beautiful nightmares.

Gutovska’s photographs playfully act on curiosities and desire, leading the viewer away from reality into another realm where anything is possible. Inspired by Surrealism’s unfiltered perception of the world, the artist takes identities and objects which are familiar and attempts to create other-worldly realities which are her own.

Her previous projects have explored a woman’s place as a consumer through playful, surreal and colourful representations, portraying the anxiety of over-indulgence. This developed into a more dactylic practice; under the influence of new technologies the work further explores alter realities and selves, false security and disconnection from the world as we blindly see it.

Agnese Gutovska’s collaborative work has been screened internationally, while her own work has been shown in group exhibitions in various venues across London as well as published in online publications such as Dreamingless and The Room.

She is available for collaborations, editorial as well as fine art work.